Microsoft Connect() 2016 announcements

Microsoft announced a lot of interesting things at it's developer event Connect() yesterday. The theme of the event is "Any dev, any app, any platform" and »

Limit access to your Azure Web App by IP address (ASP.NET Core)

I'm working on a mini-project that should be seen only from inside our company network. This is my first ASP.NET Core project and I'm still »

How to secure your ASP.NET Azure Web App

One of the ASP.NET Azure Web applications I've been working with is going to be security audited tomorrow and I was "only checking" that everything »

Tips for Microsoft Build attendees

We had quite many ahaa-moments during our trip to Build 2016 in San Francisco and I wish we had figured out certain things beforehand. That gave »

Running Jasmine unit tests in your Visual Studio Online build

I couldn't find thorough enough tutorial of running Jasmine tests in Visual Studio Online build as part of my continuous integration workflow. I struggled for hours »

Hide your .NET MVC site from search engines (robots.txt)

Short story short. Add routes.IgnoreRoute("robots.txt"); to your RouteConfig.cs and add a file called robots.txt to your project root folder. RouteConfig.cs »

Validate Anti-Forgery Token using AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC and Web API

I've used Olav Nyb√ł's guide as a base for this article. AngularJS Directive module AngularApp { "use strict"; export function antiForgeryToken($http: ng.IHttpService): ng.IDirective { return »

Apply IP restrictions for Azure Cloud Service

Since Azure SDK 2.4 there's been a possibility to configure IP restrictions for Azure Cloud Services with Access Control List (ACL). Just add the following »

Output .NET MVC bundle content as a string with Razor

Sometimes you might run into situations when you need to output the contents of your style or script bundle as a raw string inline. For example »

AngularJS SPA and .NET MVC routing

How hard can it be to do .NET MVC routing properly along with your AngularJS single page app? -Not very hard. Here is how you can »

LESS with .NET bundling and minification (+Bootstrap)

There are two things you always have to do when building a website or web application: use a CSS preprocessor and bundle and minify your style »

Octopus Deploy: Automatically transform SSL thumbprint

Recently I had to enable secure connection (HTTPS) for my Azure Cloud Service web role that has three separate environments: education, testing and production. I'm using »

Deploy Azure Cloud Services using Octopus Deploy and TeamCity

I'm developing an ASP.NET MVC application which consists of two Azure Cloud Services, web role and worker role (two separate solutions). The Continuous Integration part »