How to secure your ASP.NET Azure Web App

One of the ASP.NET Azure Web applications I've been working with is going to be security audited tomorrow and I was "only checking" that everything »

Tips for Microsoft Build attendees

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Running Jasmine unit tests in your Visual Studio Online build

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Hide your .NET MVC site from search engines (robots.txt)

Short story short. Add routes.IgnoreRoute("robots.txt"); to your RouteConfig.cs and add a file called robots.txt to your project root folder. RouteConfig.cs »

Validate Anti-Forgery Token using AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC and Web API

I've used Olav Nyb√ł's guide as a base for this article. AngularJS Directive module AngularApp { "use strict"; export function antiForgeryToken($http: ng.IHttpService): ng.IDirective { return »

Apply IP restrictions for Azure Cloud Service

Since Azure SDK 2.4 there's been a possibility to configure IP restrictions for Azure Cloud Services with Access Control List (ACL). Just add the following »

Output .NET MVC bundle content as a string with Razor

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Octopus Deploy: Automatically transform SSL thumbprint

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